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Entering Wellness provide an extraordinary level of service and experience where individuals can feel valued, confident, and empowered on their journey to stability and independence. Our Entering Wellness team is extremely diverse. We have doctors who specialize in psychiatry, psychology and wellness. We also have licensed professionals who specialize in counseling and social work, and bachelor and master's level professional who has extensive experience in the human services field.

Entering Wellness services are flexible, integrating health and wellness, management of mental health symptoms, so they can gain control over their life again. We provide individuals enrolled in our services with several sessions a week for multiple weeks, based on what it takes to get them to their expected outcome. Throughout these sessions, they will get help via one on one training with our trained professionals to show them how, through different techniques and different interactive trainings how to reach their expected outcome. Our goal is also to get them in alignment with a 360 coordinated care experience.

When individuals receive services from Entering Wellness, you can expect your client experience to include:

•  A confidential relationship between them and their worker that will focus on to working together to promote client centered- goals to achieve their expected outcome.

•  Goal directed trainings to enhance functionality, stability and independence.

• A safe, supportive, non-judgmental experience that will promote the exploration of issues and assist them in learning more about themselves.

•  Assist clients with gaining available community resources in their community.

•   An opportunity to sort out and clarify problems that hinder them from being the best version of themselves.

•  A health and wellness plan to promote a healthier lifestyle.

•  Assistance with identifying non-helpful patterns in relationships.

•  Assistance with developing coping skills.

•  Assistance with developing and achieving personal goals.

Kept in mind that your worker is not:

•  The assigned worker will not be a companion

•  While workers will be friendly, caring, respectful and dedicated they will not develop friendships with clients

•  Instant solutions to problems

Positive change happens with repetition and follow- through. In order for our services to be effective they need to make a commitment to regular appointments. When starting services, the client and our QMHP will work out an appointment schedule and timeline, typically 2 to 4 times a week, but tailored based on need.

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