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10 Burnout Warning Signs

It’s no secret that today’s 24/7 world dictates a single message: “Go, go, go!” But being

constantly switched on, dealing with the demands of work, family, and social life can

wreak havoc with your stress levels and before you know it you’re on a road to burnout.

Anyone can experience the mental, physical and emotional symptoms of burnout that

develop over time when you’re exposed to constant stress.

It’s time to relax. Entering Wellness Mental Health, we’re here to help you re-orient

yourself by taking everything down a notch. We’ll work together so that you can access

precisely what’s causing you stress and anxiety and minimize them by learning how to

“live in the moment.”

10 burnout warning signs:

  • 1. You have severe exhaustion and feel tired all the time

  • 2. Even though you’re exhausted it is hard to go to sleep at night

  • 3. Simple day to day tasks feel overwhelming and complicated

  • 4. Your brain feels fuzzy, you become forgetful and find it hard to recall details

  • 5. You feel excessively emotional, crying or angry for no obvious reason

  • 6. You are excessively busy and can’t turn off

  • 7. Your usual zest for life has long disappeared

  • 8. You feel anxious and depressed most of the time

  • 9. It feels difficult to even manage your daily self care basics

  • 10. You experience changes in your appetite, sleep patterns

Living in the present moment (or mindfulness) means no longer worrying about what

happened in the past and not fearing what will happen in the future. It means enjoying

what’s happening now and living for today. But mindfulness takes practice and that’s

where we come in.

At Entering Wellness Mental Health, we open our doors to all who are seeking more

stability and independence, while managing their circle of life challenges. We will work

with you on specific techniques that will free you from the risk of burnout and help you

achieve greater harmony in your life. For more information, give us a call today.

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